Master of Arts: Curatorial Practice | California College of the Arts | San Francisco 2015-2017

Bachelor: Theory and History of Visual Art | Charles University | Prague 2011-2015



Accessibility Note exhibition series | Gallery of Academy of Fine Arts | Prague 2018-19

- six exhibitions addressing exclusivity/inclusivity of galleries through socially engaged art

featuring: Cassie Thornton, Katy Jalili, Coven Berlin, David Brna, and more

Aline Schwibbe: Fearless Flowers | White Pearl Gallery | Prague 2018

Black Light | CCA Curatorial Practice program | Wattis Institute for Contemporary Arts | San Francisco 2017

- an exhibition on African-American artist-run spaces

- travelled to Gallery 400, Chicago

featuring: Rodney McMillian, Community Futures Lab, Kahlil Joseph, Indira Allegra, and more

The Room | San Francisco 2016-2017

- program of bi-weekly duo exhibitions + monthly lecture evenings focusing on critical approach to space

featuring: Woody Othello, Linsay Tunkl, Nkiruka Oparah, Courtney Trouble, Flavia d'Urso, and more

The Orange Box | San Francisco 2015-2017

- program of weekly installations and performances by CCA graduate students in a re-purposed shipping container

featuring: Lorenzo Cardim, Ann Chen, Kate Robards, The Lost Rug project, Yvette Dibos and many more

Queer Performance Evenings | The Grand Opera House | San Francisco 2016-2017

- studio space turned into an artist-made venue by Ryan F. Hueston to promote queer performance

Atlas of Possible Futures | San Francisco and Oakland 2015

- program of pop-up exhibitions, at: Academy of Science; Brainwash Laundromat; College Av Galleries,…

featuring: Ben Quinn, Inigo Guzman, Jayce Wyatt, and more

Contain[Era] - Transfer of Materialized Information in Post-Internet Era | Art Direct NGO 2015-2016

- international exhibition project taking place in partnership with local galleries in public spaces

in Prague, Bratislava, Budapest, Vienna, Berlin, Warsaw, Zurich, and Rome

featuring: Carlo Zanni, Adela Souckova, Till Koenneker, Angela Kaiser, Janos Bruckner, and more

WHYRWEHERE, Art as Agency | Academy of Fine Arts in Prague | Chateau Třeboň 2013

Žádnápodívaná (No Show) | K4 Gallery; Inkubátor Gallery | Prague and Ústí n. Labem 2013

- exhibition on traditional practices employed by emerging Czech artists

featuring: Tomas Kotrba, Tomas Tichy, Alexandra Karpukhina, Pavel Skrott, and more



“Labor of Love: To Curate Is To Care" panel discussion with Taraneh Fazeli | Institute for Critical Inquiry | Berlin 2018

“Curating in Empathy and Addressing the White Walls” essay for Book About The Room catalog 2017

“Working at Navajo Mountain. The Implications of Social Practice” lecture | Open Engagement | Chicago 2017

“Curating and the Methodology of Intersectional Care“ graduate thesis | CCA Curatorial Practice program 2017

“Curating ~ Care. An Intersectional Methodology” lecture | CCA Graduate Thesis Symposium | San Francisco 2017

“Curating with Empathy” lecture | The Room gallery | San Francisco 2016

“Exhibition as a Transfer of Information in the Post-Internet Era” lecture | Contain[era] symposium | Prague 2015

“Transfer of Information in the Post-Internet Era“ essay | Contain[era] catalog 2015

“Self-Portrait. Vivisection of One's Own Image“ bachelor thesis | Art History and Theory program 2015

“Art in Time” organizer of Art History and Theory student conference| Academy of Science | Prague 2015

“Art as Agency” essay | WHYRWEHERE, Art as Agency catalog 2013



Project Space Festival | Gruentaler9 | Berlin 2018 (with Ella Schoefer-Wulf)

2017 Commencement Exhibition | CCA | San Francisco 2017

The Early Days | Kreuzberg Pavillon gallery | Berlin 2017

Video Art Works | The Texas Pearl Project Space | Berlin 2017

Queer Burlesque | Grand Opera House | San Francisco 2016

Outside Ourselves, Ourselves Out | 1340 Bryan St | San Francisco 2016

International Student Exhibition | College Av Galleries | Oakland 2016



A Story about My Mother (Tongue) workshop | Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive | Berkeley 2018

Songs about Distance | original Instagram series | online 2018

What We Offer Is a Song | Hubbell Street Galleries | San Francisco 2017

VIP Breakfast | 2017 Open Engagement | Chicago 2017

Open Mother Tongue UN Meeting | Art Night SF Grand Finale |San Francisco 2017

Mother Tongue Guided Tour at Asian Art Museum | San Francisco 2017

Mother Tongue Therapy Sessions |Parking Lot Art Fair | San Francisco 2016



President's International Student Scholarship | California College of the Arts | 2016/17

IMPACT Social Enterpreneurship Award for 10.000$ | Navajo Mountain School Project | Center for Art and Public Life | 2016

Merit Scholarship | California College of the Arts | 2015/16

Creative Europe, Large Scale European Collaboration Projects | Contain[era] project | European Union | 2015


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