Labor of Love: To Curate Is To Care

On July 6th, I had the pleasure to participate in the Why Care? symposium at ICI Berlin, with a panel on care and curating, titled Labor of Love: To Curate Is To Care, together with curator and educator Taraneh Fazeli. We discussed ways a critical, non-normative, dependent, feminist care can manifest in curatorial practice, alongside other lectures, panels, and performances that approached care, its strategies, institutionalization, and modes, from multitude of disciplines, from literature, to philosophy, to social studies. 



Special thanks go to my colleague Taraneh Fazeli, for being incredible, inspiring, and caring throughout the process of long distance, time-difference, putting together of our panel. To the organizers of the symposium, ICI fellows, Birkan Tas and Benjamin Lewis Robinson. And to everybody in the audience for their interest, time, and so many engaged and thought-provoking questions.